British Pub Week 2016

British Pub Week 2016


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British Pub Week 2016 will celebrate the unique and wonderful institution that is the Great British Pub and all the benefits that it brings to the communities that it serves whilst simultaneously encouraging customers to join in with the celebration and encouraging the trade to unite and work together for the benefit of the Great British Pub. Our aim is to make this year the biggest and best to date and give the Great British Pub a celebration to be truly proud of.


British Pub Week 2016 will run from Friday 28th October to Saturday 5th November, pubs are a wonderful and iconic institution, which remain unique in their own right and as such we believe that British pub week should remain as diverse as the pubs it celebrates! With this in mind British pub week makes suggestions as to different ways to celebrate, but these are only suggestions, this is the pubs week and they are best placed to decide how they are going to celebrate their pub with their community.


    Friday 28th October: Gala Night

    Saturday 29th October: Halloween Party/Entertainment

    Sunday 30th October: Family day

    28th – 30th October: Beer Festival

    Monday 31st October: Community day/Halloween

    Tuesday 1st November: Pub food and drink

    Wednesday 2nd November: Open mic night

    Thursday 3rd November: Pub sports

    Friday 4th November: Charity night

    Saturday 8th November: Grand finale/Bonfire/GuyFawkes


We will be contacting many different organisations and companies, encouraging their help and support in celebrating pubs during this special week of celebrations, we will ensure that all supporters are acknowledged through both our news and trade supporters page. British Pub Week is apolitical however we will be encouraging all MP’s to support British Pub Week, all MP’s that support the celebration of the Great British Pub will be named on our political supporters page.


British Pub Week is now back on social media and can be found here and here    Please do like and follow, with your help we can make this a celebration to be truly proud of.

Saturday 23rd July 2016

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