Welcome to British Pub Week

British Pub Week is an initiative, borne of the Save the Great British Pub campaign, which celebrates everything that is great about the British pub! The event, from 26th October to 4th November, aims to get people back into pubs by promoting their positive impact on society through a packed series of events.

Pubs are not just somewhere that sells alcohol, they are much more than that, they are an important part of our history, heritage and culture! Pubs play an integral role in social cohesion, providing a safe environment where people can meet old friends and make new friends, they provide this service for communities throughout this country. The Great British Pub is an icon of this country, renowned throughout the world, we should be proud of this.

Pubs aid the national treasury with tax and duty payments, they also help to improve employment figures. Pubs help the entertainment industry with revenue and by providing a platform for musicians, singers and entertainers to perform in front of a live audience and garner a following. They also provide a platform for darts and pool players and chefs, a look back through the history of famous bands and singers, darts players and chefs and the comon denominator is the pub, that was their respective starting points.

There are also many other trades which rely on the British pub to massage their revenue streams, such as pub companies, brewers, wholesalers, councils, utility providers, drink manufacturers (alcoholic and non alcoholic), food producers and manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, service providers, sundry manufacturers, charities, the legal profession, accountants, banks all are reliant on the Great British Pub to some extent or other.

Pubs are a wonderful and iconic institution, which remain unique in their own right and as such we believe that British pub week should remain as diverse as the pubs it celebrates! With this in mind British pub week makes suggestions as to different ways to celebrate, but these are only suggestions, this is the pubs week and they are best placed to decide how they are going to celebrate their pub with their community.

British Pub week is a celebration of everything that is great about the British pub, it's community spirit and the services it provides!

A Wonderful Institution

"This is the trade's chance to shout about the benefits of the great British pub and a golden opportunity to celebrate this wonderful institution" said British Pub Week chair Inez Ward. "We would urge all who rely on the Great British Pub to become involved and support this worthwhile initiative."

The All-Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group's chairman Greg Mulholland MP said: "British Pub Week is so important in recognising such a great British institution. Pubs provide a community haven where friends can gather to socialise and safely enjoy a drink. Given the challenges facing pubs, it is important that we remember and celebrate their vital role in society."